Consistent Support and Quality Solutions Mark IntelliData’s Work with Water Resource Foundation.

Implementing a new Association Management Software (AMS) system can be a daunting task that takes years to complete.

By the time Tania Haskins, CFO of the Water Research Foundation (WRF) contacted IntelliData for assistance, they had already gone live on their new AMS from Personify.

Rather than burn cycles themselves, WRF reached out to IntelliData to assist them with their custom report development (online, TRS, and Data Analyzer reports) which WRF uses to run their business. "We knew that IntelliData could deliver a solid solution, at a fair price," said Haskins.

"A personal reference recommended IntelliData," continued Haskins. "They have many years of direct experience with Personify, and flexibility and pricing led to several engagements with them."

Over the course of those engagements, IntelliData created numerous custom reports, modified universes, and created cleanup scripts. They also provided training to staff, and managed the integration with Informz, WRF's email marketing vendor. In addition to all that, IntelliData serves as an important advisor to WRF, for many data-related issues and initiatives.

"The results of this work have been significant," said Haskins. "We've been able to recreate the necessary reports from our legacy AMS, which has made it possible for staff to continue their work in those areas. And, as far as the Informz integration is concerned, IntelliData helped us complete that project in a matter of day, beating our expected deadline by weeks."

A Reliable Resource

"Knowing that we have IntelliData in our corner has made us much more comfortable in taking on complex data challenges," continued Haskins.

"We can be so much more effective in our work, if we're part of the team," said Denny Lengkong, president of IntelliData. "We cherish the role of ongoing advisor to our customers. Serving in that capacity allows us to play a more strategic role in our client's ongoing data challenges and opportunities."

"It's a great relationship," says Haskins. "IntelliData works with you to understand your business, before calling upon their extensive knowledge and experience to provide quality solutions. We appreciate IntelliData's commitment to their customers."

Water Research Foundation

Founded: 1966
Membership: 1,000+
AMS Software: Personify360

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the Water Research Foundation is an internationally recognized leader in water research that is dedicated to advancing the science of water by sponsoring cutting-edge research and promoting collaboration.

Through careful investment of research dollars from over 1,000 subscribers in the United States and abroad, WRF has funded and managed more than 1,500 research studies valued at more than $500 million.

From asset management to treatment, utility finance to resource management, conveyance systems to water quality, the Water Research Foundation is at the forefront of researching the issues that matter most to all of us.