When the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) Needs Analytics Support, They Call IntelliData.

Your association management software (AMS) provider may give you the reporting tools you require, but getting them to work properly for your organization's reporting needs can be an entirely different challenge.

Staff at the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) had struggled to get what they needed from their analytics tools, and numerous meetings with their AMS vendor failed to provide a workable solution.

"We were unable to create reports that offered data we could feel confident about, to run our business," said Maria Connors, director of operations and member services, for INS. That lack of confidence in their numbers made it very difficult for INS to make data-driven business decisions that they could trust.

INS reached out to IntelliData, which was able to create reports and visual dashboards that put them on a sound footing for leveraging the power of their AMS to provide them with the data analysis they needed to run their business.

"Our company went almost a year unable to pull numbers on which to base our business decisions," continued Connors. "IntelliData has helped our business get back on the right path with confidence in our metrics. I am forever thankful that we found IntelliData."

IntelliData Provides Value on an Ongoing Basis

INS continues to rely on IntelliData for their reporting and other data needs. Beyond report writing and dashboard development, IntelliData has helped INS with workflow and other issues that have helped improve efficiency and accuracy.

"They are incredibly organized, thorough and efficient," says Connors. "If we have a request for a report, they respond immediately. If they are unable to fulfill the request within a day or two, they are constantly in communication, letting us know where the request stands."

When asked what one word she would use describe her relationship with IntelliData, Connors responded with, "effortless."

Infusion Nurses Society (INS)

The Infusion Nurses Society (INS), located in Norwood, MA, is a national nonprofit organization representing infusion nurses and all other clinicians who practice infusion therapy.

"I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend IntelliData to others."

Maria Connors Director of Operations and Member Services Infusion Nurses Society