IntelliData is a proud Personify Solutions Partner


Designed according to industry best practices for enterprise data warehouses


Take a snapshot of your organization's performance at anytime throughout the year, so the C-suite can make better decisions for the future.


Visualize membership KPIs, such as membership renewal, retention, join and drop rates, as well as trends over time - which you can segment by tenure, membership type, and more.


Visualize meeting attendance of members and non-members; learn how meeting location impacts attendance; and even track post-meeting membership renewal. Plus so much more!


The Constituent Geographic Location visualization displays the location of all members and non-members across the globe, with 12 filters for interactive analysis.


Visualize the sales trends of multiple products over time and identify top constituents based on lifetime value, to better understand member and non-member purchase trends across different subsystems.


Segmentation and filtering features make it easy to visualize only the data you need, and uncover insights that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Use Data to Tell a Story & Answer Specific Questions

11 customizable dashboards help you find answers to management's important questions, track KPIs, and visualize the meeting and purchasing behavior of your members.

Connect Personify and 3rd-Party Data

Get a 360° view of your constituents using pre-built and custom developed data connectors that pull outside data sources into your Constituent Insights data warehouse.

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Q: What modules/subsystem are tracked?

A: Out of the box, we track membership, meeting, and inventory orders. However, the framework is flexible enough that we can plug any outside data source (e.g.: Great Plain for financial or some other Learning Management software or Event Management Software).

Q: Do I have to buy separate products for different modules/subsystem?

A: No. We pull all the order related data into our ETL, so we can analyse all the module that are in Personify. However, out of the box, we only provide visualization for membership, meeting, and inventory orders in one product. Additional visualizations can be added as part of software customization.

Q: Does your product use Personify's database for operational records?

A: We build our product on top of Personify’s database. Although it utilizes Personify operational database, we have a separate ETL process that transform and aggregate the data in a separate database. By doing this, there is no impact on the operational database and you could get the information for a specific point in time to create a trend analysis report. The performance is also much better than if you use operational database alone.

Q: What license(s) do I need and what additional cost is involved with the product?

A: Since the product is built on top Personify’s database and user will only need Tableau Reader, there is NO additional licenses needed. The only cost associated with the product is the product license cost, implementation cost (consulting cost), and annual maintenance cost (10% of the total product cost).

Q: Can I add external data sources to your product?

A: Yes, but this would be considered a customization and is not included in the base price.  

Q: What comes with the product?

A: The product comes with the data warehouse framework itself and 11 visualization graphs/dashboards. We also plan to release an update every quarter that includes additional visualizations.

Q: What if I need to create more graphs/dashboards?

A: If you have a Tableau Desktop license and understand the data structure, you can do it yourself. We also offer Tableau consulting service that will help you create any data visualization that you need.

Q: How long does it take to implement Constituent Insights?

A: Out of the box, the implementation time is between 60-80 hours. This includes configuration analysis, modifying the logic to match the requirement, and training. It might take longer if the product is customized.

Q: Who can use/see the graphs/dashboards?

A: Although the product is geared for department leaders, anybody within the organization can see it if they have Tableau Reader installed on their machine.

Q: Can the graphs/dashboards be displayed on the web/tablet?

A: Yes, however, you'll need to buy a Tableau Server license or Tableau Online license. Check out for more information about Tableau Server and Tableau Online license pricing.

Q: How much maintenance is required for the product?

A: Once installed, very little maintenance is required. Should the ETL process fail at any point, IntelliData will take care of it as a part of the annual maintenance fee.

Q: Can you use Business Objects or other tools instead of Tableau with your product?

A: Yes, you can. Although we find that Tableau offers a much more robust visualization option and a flatter learning curve, our solution is flexible enough to be connected to other reporting/visualization tools (Business Objects, Power BI, etc.).

Q: Will you be adding more graphs/dashboards in the future?

A: Yes. We plan to release an update every quarter that includes additional visualizations.


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