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Report Development

IntelliData can help you maximize the value of your data by providing you with the reports you need, from simple mailing lists to complex dashboards, widgets and mobile reports.

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Data Warehouse

Let us help you design your data warehouse or convert your data into our proprietary data warehouse so you can start taking advantage of the information that you have.

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Data Cleanup and Conversion

We look at the entire data lifecycle to identify and fix system weaknesses, shore up faulty processes, and then run routines to scrub your data and return it to operational and analytical efficiency.

Tableau Development/Consulting

From designing a report to telling a story about your data, we’ve done it all. Let our Tableau experts help you with your data analysis and visualization.

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IntelliData offers a full range of custom training programs to help staff, at all levels of the organization, effectively manage their own reporting needs.

Personify Support

We have a dedicated support team to handle any Personify issues. With more than 80 combined years of Personify experience, we can troubleshoot and resolve your issues in a timely manner.

Mobile App Development

IntelliData offers a full-scale mobile app solution to associations. We can build a mobile app tailored specifically to your association need, or you can use our pre-build app.

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About Us

We speak data

Your AMS has design challenges that make analytics difficult, and our team of system and technical experts knows them all. Collectively, we’ve been tweaking, nudging and pushing databases to produce the analytics their owners need, for more than 80 years. We assist with the full analytics lifecycle, which begins with strategic decisions about what type of data to collect, and then evolves through cycles of sanitization, optimization, augmentation, and analysis. The end of all this is to ensure that your data can be operationalized and analyzed with complete confidence, allowing you to make sound business decisions.


Melinda Bazzelle

Principal Consultant
Melinda has worked in the association industry for 10+ years specializing in data management and reporting. Her experience and skills allow her to work with business staff to understand requirements and provide training as well as work directly on implementing data analytics solutions.

Vanessa Dennison, CBAP

Principal Consultant
Vanessa has 14 years’ experience in the association industry. She spent 4 years as a Membership Coordinator and Manager at two associations and 8 years as an analyst with an AMS vendor. She has spent her career ‘being the grease’ between business and technical staff, and between staff and management.

Liane Radford, PMP

Principal Consultant
Liane has worked in the association industry for 17+ years specializing in IT and project management with emphasis on AMS and eBusiness. Her extensive experience interfacing with users and managing IT staff, allows her to work with both business and technical staff to understand and document requirements.

Denny Lengkong

Denny has been dealing with database, reporting, and analytics in general for 18+ years. His extensive analytics experience allows him to help IntelliData’s clients learn about their constituents’ behavior in more detail, thus helping the associations make better business decisions.

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